Sustainable Envoy Activities–September 2018


The second National BSC Coordination meeting of 2018 was held in Bogor September 4-5.  Jointly hosted by MMAF DG Capture Fisheries and Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, the meeting centered on the creation of action plans for fisheries management and featured a collection of regulatory stakeholders discussing the current state of crab sustainability and necessary paths forward.

National BSC Coordination meeting in Bogor 4-5 September 2018

Coordination across all levels of fishery management was discussed at the 2nd BSC Coordination Meeting in Bogor, Indonesia

DGCF representative, Dr. Besweni, strongly indicated the need for more coordinated programs within  MMAF, local MFs, Industry, Universities and NGOs. Dr. Besweni emphasized the significance of blue swimming crab’s contribution to Indonesia’s marine economy and offered support to move sustainability efforts forward.

Mr. Ali, Representative of MMAF Secretary General underlined the Presidential policy for a strong maritime country, sovereignty, sustainability and prosperity. MMAF will continue to promote and support sustainable BSC fisheries in Indonesia. He appreciated and is currently working on the follow up of the Umbrella Program in BSC FM that was agreed in Feb 2018.

MMAF Quality Control (PDSKP) representative, Mr. Simson, ensured their continued support of  supply chain quality assurance.

Provincial Fisheries (DKP) of Southeast Sulawesi gave a positive response and will participate throughout the process. Existing Zonation Plan in SE Sulawesi will consider BSC fishery management systems that have been developed with stakeholder input. The existing Data Management Committee will be fused into the BSC Fisheries Management Committee. Special attention will be paid toward fishing gear swap program.


The NFI Crab Council will host its 2018 Asian FIP Managers meeting 22-23 October. The agenda will cover a review of MSC Principles, catch documentation systems, and the ties between socio-economic benefit and sustainable fisheries.


The Sustainability Envoy traveled to the Philippines at the end of September, meeting with PACPI and BFAR. Topics of discussion included potential sites for enhancement and hatchery work. Technical matters such as DNA tagging and release strategies intended to determine cost-effectiveness of enhancement efforts were also discussed.

PACPI’S miniplant in Hoe Island Talibon which has the facility of handling the berried female crabs at the receiving station

PACPI’S miniplant in Hoe Island Talibon holds berried female crabs in cages until they release their spawn