Crab Council Updates-April 2019

The Crab Council is a coalition of U.S. seafood companies focused on crab sustainability. This regular newsletter contains recent information on FIP updates and sustainability progress including:

  • Crab Council SENA Meeting
  • NGO & University Coordination
  • New Member Sea Delight
  • Summer Working Group

Crab Council SENA Meeting

The Crab Council held its annual meeting during the Seafood Expo North America. Representatives from member companies and in-country partners participated in a full agenda that included updates on Control Document implementation, FIP updates and Sri Lanka’s Yellow Seafood Watch Rating.

In addition to the Crab Council meeting, NFI staff and council Chairman Brice Phillips met with each in-country association (APRI, VASEP, TCPG, SEASL, CMPA) to review FIP progress, budgets and planned activities in 2019.

Crab Meeting Boston

NGO & University Coordination

The Crab Council’s in-country work is guided and strengthened by partnerships with local stakeholders. Sustainability Envoy, Dr. Abduhl Ghofar attended the Coral Triangle Center (CTC) Board meeting in Jakarta on 27 March.

The Coral Triangle Center is a conservation NGO focused on Southeast Asian ocean issues. Dr. Ghofar encouraged the Center to participate in the BSC FIP by coordinating with existing Crab Council partnerships such as APRI, SFP, Diponegoro University, Packard and the Walton Foundation.

NGO & Univeristy Coordination

New Member Sea Delight

Sea Delight has joined the National Fisheries Institute’s Crab Council as its 33 member. Founded in 2006, Sea Delight recently expanded its extensive product list to include pasteurized blue swimming crabmeat, a business-decision paired with membership to the NFI Crab Council.

“Sea Delight upholds strict product integrity specifications throughout our supply chain,” said Vice President of Sales Alex Cook. “A central feature of our new line of crabmeat products is Sea Delight’s commitment to crab sustainability in Southeast Asia, a value we are proud to demonstrate in joining the NFI Crab Council.”


Summer Working Group

The Crab Council will hold a summer working group session June 4-5 in Baltimore, MD. The purpose of the session is to provide an additional venue for collaboration among council members. The group will meet at Phillips Food over a full agenda. Discussion items to include:

  • Country FIP review
  • Targeted issue discussion
  • Strategic plan outlining
  • Long-term budget review

All Crab Council members are welcome to participate. Please contact Richard Barry or Gavin Gibbons for more information.