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The NFI Crab Council supports documented and recognized Fishery Improvement Plans. Fishery data, scoping documents and assessments all contribute to an understanding of stock health and provide a direction towards improved management. Each fishery that the Crab Council sponsors has performed a detailed Blue Swimming Crab stock analysis and created guiding documents through extensive stakeholder collaboration.

The NFI Crab Council is pleased to make available full-text copies of sponsored fisheries’ Blue Swimming Crab FIP documents. The below table can be sorted by Document, Keyword, Fishery and Year. A search bar is also available.

MSC Pre Assessment ThailandFishery AssessmentThailand2015
FIP Action Plan for Vietnam Kien Giang Blue Swimming CrabFIP DocumentVietnam2014
Pre Assessment Kien Giang Vietnam Fishery AssessmentVietnam2009
MSC Documents Kien Giang VietnamFishery AssessmentVietnam2015
Sri Lankan Blue Swimming Crab Fishery AssessmentFIP DocumentSri Lanka2014
Sri Lankan Blue Swimming Crab FIP Progress ReportFIP DocumentSri Lanka2013
Sri Lanka Blue Swimming Crab Scoping DocumentFIP DocumentSri Lanka2013
Philippine BSC Detailed WorkplanFIP DocumentPhilippines2013
Trade, information and perceptions in Fishery Improvement Projects: the case of the blue swimming crab fishery in Betahwalang, IndonesiaCommunity StudiesIndonesia2013
Simulation & Gaming to promote communication
between researchers, managers and blue swimming crab fishery communities
in Kung Krabaen Bay, Chanthaburi Province, Thailand
Community StudiesThailand2010
Towards Investment in
Sustainable Fisheries: The
Role of Finance
Finance PropositionsGeneral2014
Towards Investment in Sustainable Fisheries: Financing the Transition of Blue Swimming Crab in IndonesiaFinance PropositionsIndonesia2014
Towards Investment in Sustainable Fisheries: A Framework for Financing the TransitionFinance PropositionsGeneral2014
Review of Fishing Technology to Reduce Bycatch in AsiaGear ResearchGeneral2014
Milestone 6 Final Report Appropriate Crab Pot Escape Gaps For The Blue Swimmning Crab Fishery In Southeast SulawesiGear ResearchIndonesia2014
Use of escape vents to improve size and species selectivity of collapsible pot for blue swimming crab Portunus pelagicus in ThailandGear ResearchThailand2008
Blue Economy Concept PaperGovernance General2012
Ecosystem approach to fisheries and aquaculture: Implementing the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible FisheriesGovernanceGeneral2009
Fisheries Management Reform: experience and practiceGovernanceGeneral2011
Saving Fish and Fishers: Toward Sustainable and Equitable Governance of the Global Fishing SectorGovernanceGeneral2004
Species-specific assessment and trial for Spawning Potential Ratio Method for Blue Swimming Crab in the Danajon ReefStock Assessment Guide: Spawning Potential RatioPhilippines2013
Sampling Protocol for Blue Swimming Crab Fishery in Southeast SulawesiStock Assessment Guides: Spawning Potential RatioIndonesia2013
A generic solution to the assessment of small-scale and data-poor fisheriesStock Assessment Guides: Spawning Potential RatioGeneral 2013
A novel length-based empirical estimation method of spawning potential ratio (SPR), and tests of its performance, for small-scale, data-poor fisheriesStock Assessment Guide: Spawning Potential RatioGeneral2013
The Precautionary Approach to Managing the Blue Crab in Chesapeake Bay: Establishing Limits and TargetsCase StudiesChesapeake Bay2001
Stock Assessment of Blue Crab in Chesapeake BayStock Assessment of Blue Crab in Chesapeake BayChesapeake Bay2011
Assessment Methods for Data-Poor Stocks Report of the Review Panel MeetingAssessment Methods for Data-Poor Stocks
Report of the Review Panel Meeting
A Guide to Fisheries Stock Assessment From Data to RecommendationsA Guide to
Fisheries Stock Assessment
From Data to Recommendations
FIP for Philippine Blue Swimming Crabs Workplan 2014 2015FIP DocumentPhilippines2014
Marine Fisheries Enhancement, Coming of Age in the New MillenniumEnhancementGeneral
Stock Assessment of Western Visayan SeaStock Assessment of Western Visayan SeaPhilippines2014
Stock And Fishery Assessment Report Of Blue Swimming Crab Portunus Pelagicus In Kien Giang Waters, Viet NamStock And Fishery Assessment Report Of Blue Swimming Crab Portunus Pelagicus In Kien Giang Waters, Viet NamVietnam2014
Benchmarking Tool: Kien Giang Blue Swimming CrabFIP DocumentVietnam
Kien Giang FIP Overview: MSC Benchmarking ToolFIP DocumentVietnam
Scoping Out : Indonesian Blue Swimming Crab FisheriesFIP Document Indonesia 2009
SE Asia Blue Swimming Crab Minimum Size Implementation PlanFIP DocumentIndonesia2011
Blue Swimming Crab Detailed Work Plan: IndonesiaFIP DocumentIndonesia2012
Market Analysis: Indonesia Blue Swimming CrabFIP DocumentIndonesia2009
Indonesia Blue Swimming Crab WorkplanFIP DocumentIndonesia2013
FIP Development Plan: Sri LankaFIP DocumentSri Lanka2013
FIP Benchmarking Tool: Sri LankaFIP DocumentSri Lanka
FIP Milestones: Sri Lanka
FIP DocumentSri Lanka2013
2015 Q2 Progress Report Sri Lanka FIP DocumentSri Lanka2015


Federal DecreeIndonesia2016
2015 Q4 Progress Report Sri Lanka FIP ProgressSri Lanka2015
White Paper for Blue Swimming Crab EnhancementEnhancementSoutheast Asia2018