Sustainable Envoy Activities–July 2018

July was a busy month with meetings held for Control Document Implementation and Kendari provincial fishery matters.

CD system implementation

Two strategic meetings were held related to CD implementation. MMAF held a meeting in Jakarta and APRI discussed the Control Document during their 2nd Quarterly meeting Surabaya.

Committee meeting on Traceability

At the national level, MMAF DG of Fisheries Products Competitiveness held its first BSC Steering Committee meeting in Jakarta, 16 July 2018. Mrs. Innes Rahmaniar, Director of Fisheries Products Processing and Quality Control opened the meeting by acknowledging support from the NFI Crab Council in bringing the DG of Fisheries Products Competitiveness into the committee.

Discussion centered around how government enforcement of Control Document standards for berried females and minimum size would be necessary for successful implementation. Co-management was also mentioned as playing a role in influencing positive fishermen harvest practices.


Coming out of the meeting were a number of resolutions and steps forward. The committee agreed that its work should encompass the whole process of blue swimming crab production from landing to canning with collection and observation needed at each supply chain step. In addition, results of Control Document audits will be used in making determinations for export Health Certificates. MMAF will endorse the Control Document on its website with informational material.

CD Refreshment training was held in accordance with APRI 2nd Quarterly meeting in Surabaya, 20-21 July 2018. The CD refreshment training was attended by representatives of all APRI members Fish Quarantine and Quality Control Agency (BKIPM) and Directorate General of Fishery Product Competitiveness (PDSPKP) and Aquaculture Development Agency Jepara.

The meeting focused on the integration of the Control Document into the Health Certificate and the roles for Steering Committee of Traceability and Catch Documentation in the Control Document system.

Provincial BSC fishery meeting in Kendari, 30 July 2018

The collaborative provincial BSC fishery management meeting was officially opened by the Head of DKP of Southeast Sulawesi Province on July 30, 218 at DKP Hall of Southeast Sulawesi Province, and attended by 46 participants consisting of provincial and district-level regulators, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, and representatives of collectors, mini-plants and fishermen.

APRI Q2 Meeting

The meeting produced an agreement that management should be collaborated among stakeholders with the approval of a jointly discussed action plan. Local Government plans to facilitate the formation of a responsible crab fishery development program in Southeast Sulawesi Province focusing on small-scale fisheries development and sustainable crab fishery management.

Ghofar APRI Q2

This agreement will be followed up by the DKP Rajungan Management Committee of Southeast Sulawesi Province in the framework of action and budgeting plans in accordance with Governor Decree No. 289/2017 which will be used as a guide and basis for developing a responsible BSC fishery.