Sustainable Envoy Activities-January 2018

January was a productive month full of meetings and coordination. 08 January 2018, Control Document training was held in Semarang and attended by all auditors of APRI, SFP, NFI Crab Council and Crab Group of the Diponegoro University. The importance of an independent Control Document system was highlighted as a tool for responsible supply chain management.

Jan 2018_1

Control Document trials will begin in February. Full implementation of the Control Document is scheduled to commence in the first half of 2018.

17 January 2018 a meeting was held at the Provincial MAF Office Surabaya. This Provincial meeting with APRI, NFI Crab Council and Brawijaya University research team was to discuss a crab mapping project and draft of Governor decree on formation of BSC fisheries management team.

Jan 2018

Following a presentation by APRI, the NFI Crab Council expressed appreciation for the provincial effort to aid in crab sustainability. Led by the Capture Fisheries Division Mr. Gunawan Saleh, the meeting agreed on the following:

  • The Governor decree on the formation of a BSC fisheries management team by the end of January 2018. NFI Crab Council, APRI, SFP will be part of the team.
  • The university research team will work on a BSC mapping proposal with input from APRI
  • APRI may support the project only on items that are reflected in MSC BMT as red marks.