Sherrill International Joins Council

Sherrill International, Inc. has joined the NFI Crab Council bringing total council membership to 23 companies. The blue swimming crab importer based in Bridgewater, VA supplies choice crabmeat to large-scale food service companies.

A family owned company, Sherrill International has evolved over 25 years from a commercial crabbing operation to an importer of Indonesian crabmeat. They offer a full suite of pasteurized crab grades sourced for consistent quality and pricing.

“Sherrill International has a long history in the crab industry,” said Owner Mark Sherrill. “As a company, we have moved with the market adapting to shifting supplies from the domestic to international. In joining the Crab Council, Sherrill International steps fully into crab’s next progression, a responsibly harvested, sustainability focused product.”

Sherrill International has signed onto the Crab Council during a period of rapid expansion for the industry-led sustainability organization. From a founding membership of fewer than ten companies, the Crab Council has grown to collectively represent a majority of the blue swimming crab imported into the United States. For every pound of blue swimming crab imported, Crab Council members assess a fee, the collected revenue of which goes to fund fishery improvement efforts in Southeast Asia.

Crab Council Chairman Brendan Sweeny views Sherrill International’s entry into the council as indicative of the group’s diverse membership.

“The Crab Council roster ranges from established large-scale companies to specialized outfits to expanding upstarts,” said Crab Council Chairman Brendan Sweeny. “We are not just one type of business, but we are all focused on one thing, crab sustainability.”