Sea Delight Joins NFI Crab Council and Red Crab Council

Florida-based company Sea Delight has joined the National Fisheries Institute’s Crab Council as its 33 member and the NFI Red Crab Council as its 11th member. Founded in 2006, Sea Delight recently expanded its extensive product list to include both blue and red swimming crabmeat, a business-decision paired with membership to NFI’s crab sustainability efforts.

Sea Delight harnesses the experience of a veteran leadership team to provide high quality, fresh and frozen seafood.  Customer service and sourcing are important Sea Delight hallmarks across a wide-ranging customer base of international retail wholesalers, supermarkets, food service distributors and restaurant chains.

“Sea Delight upholds strict product integrity specifications throughout our supply chain,” said Vice President of Sales Alex Cook. “A central feature of our new line of crabmeat products is Sea Delight’s commitment to crab sustainability throughout its value chain including Southeast Asia and China, a principal we are proud to demonstrate by joining the NFI Crab Council and Red Crab Council.”

The Crab Council funds Fishery Improvement Projects (FIP) in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India. Funding for this industry-led effort comes from an assessment placed on member imports of crabmeat.

“Sea Delight’s membership in the Crab Council illustrates the value of the council work and its sustainability reputation,” said Crab Council Chairman Brice Phillips. “When new product brands enter the market with Crab Council logos, the Crab Council continues to gain visibility and increase the presence needed to help create responsibly harvested fisheries.”

Additionally, the Red Crab Council supports management of China’s red crab fishery located in the Fujian Province. Launched in 2018, the red crab FIP maintains strong partnerships with in-country processor and marketing associations and is currently engaged in the collection and examination of catch, effort and biological data as well as harvest management analysis.

“As a newer initiative, the Red Crab Council builds momentum and market share with Sea Delight’s addition,” said Anjan Tharakan, Chairman for the Red Crab Council. “My hope is that established red crab companies will view Sea Delight’s membership as a call to action and consider joining themselves, contributing to the council’s sustainability mission.”

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