Philippines Enacts Crab Sustainability Regulation

Order Enforces Country-Wide Policies

The Philippines’ Department of Agriculture has published a Joint Administrative Order (JAO) regarding the conservation and regulation of Blue Swimming Crab. A first in Southeast Asia, the order implements into law policies governing the capture and preservation of Blue Swimming Crab and represents a landmark moment in crab sustainability.

Bobby Eduardo, treasurer of the Philippine Association of Crab Processors, Inc (PACPI) and a member if the NFI Crab Council Executive Committee, supports the new regulations and looks forward to their successful implementation.

“The Crab Council been working towards crab sustainability in the Philippines since 2010,” said Eduardo. “The government’s order will further bolster our efforts and I hope to see the active enforcement of these sustainability-minded practices throughout the country.”

The order will go into effect February 18th, 2014 introducing regulations on minimum catch size, responsible fishing gear, closed crabbing seasons and the protection of berried female crabs.

Crab Council Chairman Brendan Sweeny congratulates the Pilipino government on setting a law that provides for better stock health through authoritative action.

“The order’s fines and penalties give crab sustainability some teeth,” said Sweeny. “In order to cultivate a resource, the resource needs to be protected. By securing Blue Swimming Crab stocks, this law’s execution will validate and strengthen Crab Council work.”