NFI Crab Council Welcomes Trans Global Products, Inc.

Sustainability Partnership Grows with addition of Florida-Based Company

The NFI Crab Council continues to expand its membership with the addition of Trans Global Products, Inc. A part of the seafood community for the last three decades, Trans-Global specializes in pasteurized crabmeat and is known for its Trans-Global ® and Captain’s Delight® brands.

“Concentrating on sustainability is more important now than ever,” said Trans-Global’s Irene Chen. “Having been in the crabmeat business for over 20 years, we recognize the increasing need to proactively solve the challenges facing the Blue Swimming Crab fisheries in Southeast Asia.  We believe the work that the NFI Crab Council is doing by spearheading public/private partnerships and funding its own work addresses these issues directly. That focus is what brought Trans-Global to this partnership.”

The NFI Crab Council funds fisheries improvement efforts in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam and has begun working with groups in India and Sri Lanka.

“Our Council has full-time staff working on the sustainability of the Blue Swimming Crab fisheries at their source,” said Council Chair Ed Rhodes of Phillips Foods. “Committed companies, like Tran-Global, know they are joining a coalition that is dedicating resources and forging partnerships where they are needed most. We are pleased to welcome them.”