NFI Crab Council Welcomes New Members, Mark Foods and Sea Pearl

Mark Foods and Sea Pearl Strengthen Crab Sustainability Movement

The NFI Crab Council continues to expand its membership with the addition of two new members, Mark Foods and Sea Pearl Tradelinks Pty Ltd. As importers of Blue Swimming Crab, both companies emphasize responsibly harvested and sourced product.

Mark Foods imports and sells high-end specialty items, including canned crab, from all over the world, supplying distributors, chain restaurants and retailers. “Freshness and taste define our products,” said Mark Foods’ President Barry Markman. “We maintain close relationships with our suppliers not just with a focus on quality but sustainability too.”

The first Australian member of the Crab Council, Sea Pearl, looks forward to pioneering the Council’s sustainability mission among Aussie importers. “Resource management has always been a top-priority of Seapearl’s,” said Anil Thambi. “It is very exciting to join an established, like-minded organization like the Crab Council and to introduce the Australian market to a leading sustainability model.”

The NFI Crab Council funds fisheries improvement efforts in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The added support from new members comes at an opportune moment as the Crab Council expands its sustainability funding to include the Sri Lankan Blue Swimming Crab fishery.

Crab Council Chairman Brendan Sweeny views the Council’s continued growth as an indicator of its impact as well as a wake-up call for non-members.

“The Crab Council represents a majority of domestic crab importers,” said Sweeny, “New members bolster that majority and illustrate that this is an industry-wide effort. When customers see the NFI Crab Council seal on Mark Foods and Seapearl products, as with all members, it illustrates that these are companies that give more than lip service to crab sustainability.”