NFI Crab Council Announces New Member–Poseidon Food

The National Fisheries Institute’s Crab Council announces Poseidon Food as its latest member. An importer of Blue Swimming Crab, Poseidon Food supplies a range of high quality crabmeat and seafood products to retail and whole sale customers. Operating out of the Netherlands, they join fellow Dutch-company Fisherman’s Choice as the council’s European representatives.

Run by industry veterans with over twenty years of seafood experience, Poseidon Food emphasizes the sustainability and sourcing of its products. Understanding the important distinctions in packing partners and harvesting practices, Poseidon Food operates a selective supply chain that offers customers an unmatched product.

“Poseidon Food starts from the premise that seafood is a premium dining experience,” said Director Erald de Groot. “Our customers expect the best and we deliver. We believe sustainability is a benchmark for quality and Poseidon joins the Crab Council in order to demonstrate our commitment to not just sourcing top-shelf product from responsibly managed fisheries but playing a role in ensuring a future for the Blue Swimming Crab fishery.”

Poseidon Food is the Crab Council’s 27th member. The Crab Council is an industry-led sustainability effort whose membership includes U.S. and international crab importing companies. The Crab Council assesses its members on every pound of blue swimming crab imported to support fishery improvement projects in Southeast Asia.

With Poseidon Food’s addition, the Crab Council adds their second European member. Crab Council Chairman Brendan Sweeny views this international membership trend as positive growth for the council’s sustainability agenda.

“The Crab Council started as a concentrated group with a narrow concern,” said Crab Council Chairman Brendan Sweeny. “We were U.S. importers committed to putting Blue Swimming Crab fisheries on a path toward sustainability. Now, with the participation of Poseidon Food and other worldwide players the council has elevated its work to a global level and strengthened the core of our original mission.”