NFI Crab Council Announces Interim Chairman

Brendan Sweeny, Vice President of Operations for Handy International Inc, will serve as the NFI Crab Council’s Interim Chairman. Sweeny is a veteran of the Crab Council’s Executive Committee and has been a leader on two of the group’s policy taskforces.  He has been Handy’s representative to the Council since before the group was officially formed, helping to craft not only its business plan but operating guidelines and charter.

“Brendan is a natural fit to lead the Council,” said Crab Council Executive Director, Ed Rhodes. “He has served at all levels of leadership and understands what it takes to keep sustainability programs in five countries on track.”

Sweeny has been with Handy for seven years and has a Master’s degree in Sustainable Systems from the University of Rhode Island.

“Handy International is a founding member of the Crab Council and through that I have had the opportunity to work with this group since the beginning,” said Sweeny. “It’s been a rewarding experience to help build the Council from a group of companies with a shared idea and mission into a full-fledged organization that’s funding real sustainability work throughout Asia. I am excited to continue contributing to the Council in this new capacity.”

Sweeny succeeds Ed Rhodes who left the Chair vacant in August when he became the Crab Council’s Executive Director.