NFI Announces New Member Sea Fare Foods Corp.

The NFI Crab Council has added Sea Fare Foods Corp. as its newest member. A blue swimming crab importer, Sea Fare Foods offers a full line of crabmeat in the traditional grades lump (backfin), white (special) and claw available at national, regional and independent retailers throughout the continental US.

Sea Fare is a multi-generational family business that has sourced blue swimming crab from Southeast Asia for over forty years. Their connection to their product traces back to the fisher level where they have maintained relationships with small-scale fisher families that span decades.

“Since Sea Fare began working with fishers in the Gulf of Siam in the 1970s, we have always understood blue swimming crab as a resource,” said Sea Fare Foods Corp. President Christina Miller. “Fully mature crabs are the lifeblood of Sea Fare’s business and vital to the livelihood of our harvesting partners. We are excited to join the Crab Council, a group that upholds these same business values.”

Sea Fare has long exercised responsible sourcing standards of their own that closely mirror those followed by council members, such as a minimum crab carapace width of 10 cm. Working with local fishers through their canning facility in Thailand, Sea Fare has maintained the quality and output of their product since their formation.

NFI Crab Council Chairman Brendan Sweeny commends Sea Fare’s addition to the Crab Council as a boon for the industry-led sustainability organization.

“With an established history of corporate stewardship, Sea Fare strengthens the Crab Council membership,” said Sweeny. “Sea Fare’s sustainability-based ties with their local suppliers serve as further example of the power of supply chain management, an area the Crab Council continues to hone with the development of control point policies.”

The NFI Crab Council funds fisheries improvement efforts in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. Council members fund in-country sustainability work by assessing a fee on the poundage of crabs they import.

The NFI Crab Council was founded in 2009 and funds Blue Swimming Crab sustainability projects through contributions from participating companies and has received grants from the World Bank and the Walton Family Foundation.