Indonesia Issues Blue Swimming Crab Ministerial Decree

In December 2016, Indonesia’s Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries issued a Ministerial Decree regarding the fisheries management plan of the blue swimming crab fisheries. The decree is a result of a collaborative stakeholder discussion that began in 2015. The NFI Crab Council contributed in early phases of the process by introducing such measures as a BSC minimum harvest size and a ban on berried female crabs.

In a letter congratulating Minister Susi Pudjiastuti on the issuing of the decree, NFI Crab Council Executive Director Ed Rhodes commended the document as a significant milestone in Indonesia’s blue swimming crab policy. “This decree outlines goals and establishes dates for their completion and is an important step in guiding the crab fisheries to a sustainable future.”

The Crab Council will work with MMAF to ensure that the decree is effectively implemented at the district and provincial levels were it is likely to be most impactful.

Find the full text of the decree here.