Fresco Fisheries Becomes Crab Council Member

Fresco Fisheries has joined the National Fisheries Institute’s Crab Council as its 32nd member. The U.K.-based seafood company supplies a premium and diverse product line to customers throughout Europe.

Since 1989, Fresco Fisheries has cultivated a reputation as a top-level importer and wholesaler. Operating a meticulous supply chain, Fresco Fisheries offers choice and sustainable products centered on quality.

“Fresco Fisheries has always equated sustainability with authenticity,” said Product and Sales Manager Ed Gravestock. “As we venture into the blue swimming crab market, we want our brand to have come from the same management-conscious fisheries as our other established products. We have joined the Crab Council to further this commitment.”

Fresco Fisheries is the first Crab Council member of the New Year following 2017’s year of robust membership growth. Fresco Fisheries joins the Crab Council as the council’s fourth international member, along with Ocean Source Group, Poseidon Food and Fisherman’s Choice. The council’s funding for fishery improvement projects in Southeast Asia comes from an assessment placed on the pounds of blue swimming crab imported by its members.

“The crabmeat industry is international in scope,” said Crab Council Chairman Brendan Sweeny. “The more support the council receives from the global market the more our work in Southeast Asia benefits our common source fisheries.”