Crown Prince Joins the Crab Council

The National Fisheries Institute’s Crab Council welcomes Crown Prince as its newest member. Since 1948, the California-based company has offered a diverse product line of canned seafood products at retail outlets across the country.

Sourced from Thailand and Indonesia, Crown Prince’s crabmeat selection is responsibly procured from trusted in-country partners. With a supply chain emphasizing corporate responsibility, Crown Prince offers a variety of quality crabmeat grades.

“In 2010, Crown Prince established an internal sustainability team tasked with innovating responsible company practices,” said Crown Prince CFO Christopher Bruno. “In joining the Crab Council, Crown Prince furthers its institutional commitment to fisheries management.”

Crown Prince joins the Crab Council as its 30th member. The Crab Council is an industry-led sustainability effort whose membership includes U.S. and international crab companies. The Crab Council receives its funding for fishery improvement projects in Southeast Asia from member assessments on every pound of blue swimming crab imported as well as through contributions from member companies associated with the crab industry like Crown Prince.

The addition of Crown Prince coincides with an expansion of Crab Council activities.

“As the council bolsters existing projects and develops new FIPs, we welcome participation from all members of the blue swimming crab industry.” said Crab Council Chairman Brendan Sweeny. “The successful funding and execution of these endeavors depends on matched support from American importers.”