AquaStar Joins Crab Council

AquaStar has signed on as a member to the National Fisheries Institute’s Crab Council. The Seattle-based seafood company produces, manufactures and sources a diverse assortment of product offerings that supply both food service and retail customers.

Started in 1990, AquaStar produces, manufactures and sources premium frozen seafood maintaining close relationships with international suppliers. Their expansive line of crab products covers multiple species with in-shell cuts, crab meat and value-added preparations.

“With on-the-ground employees in 17 countries, AquaStar values our product source,” said Senior Vice President of Procurement Carlos Faria. “In joining the Crab Council, we are taking one step closer to our product, ensuring that blue swimming crab is being harvested and managed responsibly.”

Already, AquaStar has established an active role within the Crab Council, designating Corporate Director of Sustainability David Martin to work closely with Crab Council leadership on key issues. In addition, Martin’s years as North Pacific Improvements Director with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership further reinforces the consulting relationship between the council and the seafood focused NGO.

The Crab Council assesses its members on every pound of blue swimming crab imported with the collected revenue funding fishery management efforts in Southeast Asia. Since forming, the Crab Council has more than doubled its membership.

“With each new member, the Crab Council expands its capabilities,” said Crab Council Chairman Brendan Sweeny. “We are an industry-led effort and need full industry support for success. AquaStar’s commitment strengthens the council and helps bring sustainability to the forefront of the blue swimming crab importing community.”