Crab Council Annual Meeting

The Crab Council held their annual meeting March 6th during the Seafood Expo North America. In a fully attended session, the Crab Council heard updates from in-country representatives on the progress of council supported FIPs. Providing updates were Dr. Hawis Madduppa, APRI Executive Director, Robert  Eduardo, PACPI Chairman, Timothy O’Reilly, Taprobane Seafoods (SEASL) and Khun Jiroj, Pakfood (TCPG).

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership’s Juan Manuel García-Caudillo and Dessy Anggraeni  detailed current work underway for implantation of the Control Document system while SFP President Jim Cannon previewed a coming sector report on all council sponsored blue swimming crab fisheries.

Meeting participants received a comprehensive handout that gave a progress overview on a fishery-by-fishery basis. The handout can be read here.