APRI Completes IMACS Milestones, I-FISH Server handed over to MMAF

SULTRA, Southeast Sulawesi, APRI completed the final milestones of a small-grant program funded by USAID/IMACS (Indonesian Marine and Climate Support).  IMACS highlighted their I-FISH approach to fishery management, which was two-fold.  First launching online platforms for storing and processing stock assessment data in real time to share with fishery stakeholders.  Then establishing collaborative Data Management Committees that included public and private partnerships, research groups and technical staff to collect and review fishery data.

The project lasted for over a year and trialed SPR (Spawning Potential Ratio/Spawning Per Recruit) to assess the fishery, and experimented with modified collapsible trap designs with escape vents.  Harvest control rules were proposed based around increases in size selectivity via minimum carapace width at first maturity, trap designs, area closures, and mitigation of harvesting berried females.  IMACS wrapped up the small grant program with an MSC Pre Assessment that will be a baseline for further fishery management to take root from, the result of which will be finalized in mid-October.  APRI have committed to support further data collection and coordination of the data management committee, which has been restructured into a formalized steering committee, at least till the end of 2015.

The I-Fish server was handed over to the MMAF (Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries) in a conference in Bali, September 2nd – 4th that saw the end of the IMACS initiative.  MMAF will take ownership of the server and management of the data.  APRI member, Bambang Nugraha participated and represented the industry on the panel discussion at the high profile conference.  Bambang reiterated the need for proper fishery data and enforcement.  Processors remain committed to the sustainability cause and will support the ministry to enforce fishery legislation.